Transportation Services

Road transportain

Chukotka Trading Company owns and operates more than 300 pieces of automotive vehicles and takes full responsibility to comply with the most strict standards of road transportation services. In 2012 alone, Chukotka Trading Co purchased 17 new pieces of automotive vehicles of narrow specialization..

Owing to volumous material and technical resources, maintenance and transportation division of Chukotka Trading Co matching the demand of transportation market, provides broad possibilities for quick cargo transportation. Constantly controlling operational state of the vehicles and conducting preventive maintenance in the points of delivery and departure, Chukotka Trading Company guarantees timely fulfilment of all taken responsibilies. Separately, we have rich experience and vast expertise in transportation of hazardous, bulky and heavyweight cargoes. 

Sea freight transportation

Chukotka Trading Co has technical possibilities to transport cargoes of any level of difficulty by sea and river vessels in Chukotka Region. 

For a vast period of time, our company is providing its sea freight services to the both commercianl and private clients, as well as carries out state programs aimed at provision of Chukotka region with fuel and other necessities during a short period of summer navigation.