For many years, Chukotka trading Co is providing a substantial share of all gold extracted in Iultin area of Chukotka.

Such high results could be achieved due to union of the most innovative technologies in extraction and recucling of the gold bearing ore as well as production conduct. One of the main principles of the company can be called maintenance of high working standards and discipline on al levels of production, as well as effective use of people, technical and material rources.

Efficiency of mining production is ensured by right solutions at the planning stage and in the process of goldfield development.

Chukotka Trading Company is able to ensure full-cycle in-house production process  - from conduction of mining works to maintenance and repair of any type of equipment. Given to implementation of innovative methods and technologies to exploration and development of deposits, Chukotka Trading Company can easily be called one of the leading and quickly developing goldmining companies of Chukotka Region