Civil & Industrial Construction

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Starting from 2001, Chukotka Trading Company has been carrying out construction of residential buildings within the Regional Program of Development of  National Villages in Chukotka. Construction projects has been successfully completed in 21 locations in 6 areas of the region (Anadyrsky, Beringovsky, Iultinsky, Providensky, Chukotsky and Bilibinsky), part of which are located in areas with unimproved port facilities. Just in the period from 2004 to 2014 Chukotka Trading Company built and commissioned 798 individual residential buidlings with total area comming coming up to 68267 sq m. Along with construction of new residential and public buildings, Chukotka Trading Company is caring out total restoration of buildings built in 1960-70s. While carrying out the civil construction projects, Chukotka Trading Company is following closely the main principles of quality with absolute technological control on all stages of production process.