Coal delivery

Since 1995, Chukotka Trading Company is operating a separate line of business aimed at quick delivery of coal by sea freigh and road transportation for housing and utility sectors of Chukotka Autonomous Region.

Hard geographical, climate and weather conditions require special conduct of problems solutions. Annually before the start of summer navigation period, we conduct scheduled preparation activities, investigate shore line of native villages, and take activities aimed at improvement of coal delivery to unimproved port facilities.

For completion of set goals, Chukotka Trading company annually utilizes a substantial part of its transportation resources. For coal unloading alone we use specialized fleet of on-board vehicle, including Vostok barges, bulldozers, electric grab buckets, drags and so on.

Additionally, Chukotka Trading Co has a developed production and transportation infrastructure, which includes own automotive vehicles fleet, capable to transport up to 100 thousand tons of coal per season for necessities of Egvekinot Regional Power Station, as well as sea vessels fleet, capable to transport bulk cargo to any point in the world.

Annually in navigation period (may-october) Chukotka Trading Company delivers to unimproved port facilities up to 70000 tons of coal. Among the destination points, there are such remote and hard-to-reach national villages as Sireniki, Nunligran, Enmelen, Inchoun, Lorino, Neshkan, Khatyrna, Mys Shmidta, Billings, Konergino and others.