Chukotka Trading Company is a stable, actively developing multibusiness holding. We have a vast expertise in complex construction projects solutions. Application of modern construction technologies, technical and intellectual potential of the company, allows for realization of projects of all levels of complexity: from design and approval of project specifications, carrying out of construction and decoration works, complete remodeling, reconstruction and restoration of industrial and residential buildings, to placing into operation of buildings and structures serving different purposes.

Chukotka Trading Company was registerd on May 16 1994. Initially, at the time of company's foundation, main line of business was wholesale provisions trade. With time the line of operation has been broadening and the company has been mastering such businesses as catch and sale of fish (1995-2004), wholesale coal trade and its delivery to the portless shore (1995-today), retail provisions trade within the federal program of national villages provisions with food stuffs. Currently, the company operates several lines of business, including road and sea transportation of general cargo and fuel.