About Us

Our History

Chukotka Trading Company, CJSChas been actively developing since1994.Originally, when the company was founded, the main activity was foodstuff wholesale trade in Chukotka Region of Russia. Gradually the company's field of operation widened and it set up operations in production and sale of fish products (1995-2004), gold mining, wholesale trade in Iultinsky, Providensky and Chukotsky areas of Chukotka within the federal program of national villages provision with necessity goods. Development of tourism in Chukotka - is one of the new activities for Chukotka Trading Company.

Our Priorities

Chukotka Trading Company fully supports the principles of social responsibility practiced in majority of developed countries and strives to accordingly conduct its activities in all lines of its business. The company is building its own social policy based on harmonous combination of wellbeing of its employees and the society as whole following rigorous compliance with legal norms and requirements.